Who are we?

There are actually three of us. We are big gamers, developers of any device (coffee machines if it's necessary), and enthusiastic of creativity and retro videogames.

Abel Campos. "The quality of a mobile device is measured by the games it's able to run". With this motto he used to choose his mobile devices by the year 2000.
As any other developer that's worth its salt, he has always been interested about creating in games, and that moment has come.
He started to like it when he saw for first time a domestic videogame called H.E.R.O. running under a splendid M.S.X.
Since then, SEGA, PC, PlayStation, etc., to the casual games of mobile devices that he intends to be part of.
A vocational developer, he is aiming for his favourite hobby to become his professional career.
Visit his profile on linkedin.

Guillermo Zafra. A driving force for our knowledge of game development for mobile devices, artist using photoshop and xcode, always full of ideas to improve game experience, and a tireless developer when it comes to getting an app/game or idea ahead.
A gamer and geek by nature, enthusiastic about technology, smartphones and latest gadgets. Visit his profile on linkedin.

Sergio Martínez-Losa. Since an early age he has been programming. Portable gaming is his religion: GameBoy, GameGear, PSP, GAME&Watch, anything you can play with your thumbs.
With the advancement of mobile devices in recent years, he was early adopter of the new programming platforms, and was able to apply his passion to mobile gaming.
He remains on the forefront of the evolving technology, researching new functionalities of the latest iOS SDK and sharing code with the GitHub community.
He always wanted a GameGear and is still looking for one. Visit his profile on linkedin.

Isaac Montañes. Designer as a professional and illustration by demand. He is interested in videogames since long time ago, and not just for fun. His main aim is to do a very attractive design for everybody.
Since he was a child, he dreamt with the idea to animate everything he drawn. Today this is not enough for him, because technology gives him a step beyond: interact with design, an app or a videogame, is an interactive tale.
Visit his profile on linkedin.